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Qtomac is a user experience and software services company. We can help you reshape and develop your software products — more efficient and cost effective.

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4 days

Adelaide, March 2017

Perth, June 2017

Auckland, July 2017


3 days

Brisbane, April 2017

Melbourne, May 2017

A great User Interface will help you attract customers.
A well designed User Experience will help you retain them.

Fred R. Barnard once wrote; “A picture is worth ten thousand words.” In software terms nothing serves to convince your customers more than a well designed User Interface. User Experience and design thinking is at the heart of our work. Our Rapid Prototyping service offers you a quick and cost effective means to visualize and validate your idea.

From proof of concepts, to complete product implementations our software development experiences span; Mining, Telecommunications, Defence, Energy, Medical and Media. Our passion is in leveraging those experiences to further enable your innovation aspirations.


We help you create intuitive End-to-End solutions

Our mission is to make everything easier and more efficient. To achieve this, we offer you four services:



Our 5 day Fast Track service packages tailored training and on-site developer support.


User Experience &
Interface Design

We design modern User Interfaces with the strong User Experience — in a full software implementation.


Software Development

From rapid prototypes to complete application development and software migrations. We have you covered.


Training &

We provide comprehensive Qt, OpenGL and advanced C++ training. From beginners to advanced, tailored to your specific project needs.

We're the official Qt Service Partner for Australia and New Zealand. Our enthusiasm for Qt, OpenGL, and C++, ability to share knowledge and User Interface & Embedded engineering expertise is available locally within the region for all customers.

The Qt Company

The Qt Company is responsible for all Qt activities including commercial and open source licensing together with the Qt Project.


Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB (KDAB) is a global provider of Qt Consulting and Qt Training.